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HR Management (HRmgt) was launched on 2nd September 2002 and later became known as HR & Diversity Management Limited (HR&DM). HR&DM provides professional and strategically focused personnel support, at very competitive rates, to small and medium sized organisations. This website is packed with user friendly, easy to follow, tips, advice and recommendations. Furthermore, HR&DM has written a management series of Step by Step Guides for Employers on a range of personnel issues, thereby providing a total personnel management solution. Today, we are pleased to work alongside Government Departments such as the DTI, ACAS, CIPD, CMI, IiP and others and in particular, we are presently focusing on the empahsis on providing Mediation and a Helpline service to Employers, nationally, in keeping with the DTI Michael GIbbons Review. More news on this will follow shortly.

A wealth of personnel expertise and practical knowledge is incorporated into this site. You may tap into information contained within the numerous sections within HR&DM or contact us directly for a personal 'one-on-one' consultation.


For information, HR & Diversity Management are:

  1. Experienced in Human Resourcing and change-management. Key strengths lie in Organisational Methodology and practical Employment Law.
  2. Founders of The National Bullying Helpline - a workplace helpline dedicated to providing FREE support to both employers and employees.
  3. Are currently working as a Personnel Consultants and Specialist advisers, nationally, within both the Public and Private sector.
  4. Author of various publications covering Bullying and the new laws and are well published in People Management, Personnel Today and other professional publications.
  5. Professional speaker at HR Workshops and Employment Law Seminars - specialising in Dispute Resolution and Mediation.
  6. An original member of CABAW, supporter of the Dignity At Work Bill.
  7. Author of Paper on personal insight and studies called Bullying at Work. A Step by Step Guide for Employers click here: Bullying section.
  8. Author of a Paper on The Employment Act 2002. A Step by Step Guide for Employers click here: Employment Law section


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