HR & Diversity Management Limited (HR&DM) was formerly known as HR Management. HR&DM is currently working on issues surrounding the implementation of THE EMPLOYMENT ACT 2002 ; Dispute Resolution Reforms 2004. Presently, HR&DM is working with Government Departments on The Michael Gibbons Review - and the recommendations in respect of Mediation and Helpline support services for employers. The Founders of HR&DM are also the founders of The National Bullying Helpline : www.nationalbullyinghelpline.co.uk

HR&DM have produced a Step by Step Guide on the Act and also issue, FREE of charge, a Step By Step Guide to Dispute Resolution (Embracing the DTI Gibbons Review) on Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment. The document covers the laws and the legal implications and details example policies. HR&DM has identified the exemptions and exceptions incorporated into the Act which are designed to help the small and medium sized employer. Frequently asked questions are covered in the Paper also: ie. How and when will the employer know to claim money for Statutory Maternity and Paternity payments? In what way will cash flow be eased? What are the dispute management procedures? Where will we find example procedures? What does our Government mean when it talks about 'level playing-fields'? etc etc. All these questions are answered in the Paper. Furthermore, HR&DM have incorporated example procedures and policy documents into the paper, to help the small employer with costs associated with updating exiting personnel documentation.

A copy of the Paper may be obtained FREE of charge from chris@HRmgt.co.uk


HR Management was launched on 2nd September 2002. Between August and November HR Management designed and installed it's website and announced it's intention to provide a strategically focused, professional, personnel service to SME's in the immediate area. A great deal of networking was also done during this period and HR Management became a member of the Swindon branch of The Chamber of Commerce around this time. Today, HR&DM are members of The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce and the founder of the company is now a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD.

ACAS Success: On 13th November 2002 HR Management (as it was called at that time) was successful in negotiating an 'Out of Court' settlement in a Redundancy matter for a small Upholstery firm based in Wootton Bassett. In order to achieve this, HR Management worked closely with the Bristol branch of ACAS, who were most helpful throughout the process. A successful outcome has ensured that a tribunal hearing was avoided - along with unnecessary, costly, legal fees. Both the employee and the employer was completely satisfied with the terms of the agreement and a satisfactory outcome was achieved for everyone concerned.

Employment Tribunal Win: On 13th December 2002 HR Management celebrated it's first Employment Tribunal Win on behalf of a Swindon based employer. The hearing took place at Bristol Employment Tribunal. The case was most interesting as it involved allegations of bullying management. The employer was proactive and asked HR Management to investigate bullying allegations lodged against one of it's managers. During the investigation the manager resigned and tried to bring a claim of Breach of Contract against the employer (a continuation of the bullying perhaps?). The Bristol Employment Tribunal found there had been no breach and the employer, on the advice of HR Management, had acted professionally and had followed procedures correctly. The employee was ordered to make a financial contribution towards the employers costs for wasting time. The Chairman of the Tribunal said that the employer was right investigate the bullying.

Tim Field : Author and Expert Adviser on Bullying in the Workplace wrote : 13 December 2002 : An employment tribunal in Bristol unanimously rejected an action for breach of contract against a large recruitment agency in the town center. The claim arose after a manager was suspended and held accountable for bullying behaviour. While on suspension, the managers conduct was investigated discretely, appropriately and thoroughly and in accordance with ACAS guidelines. The manager resigned (in anger) and lodged a tribunal claim. The Tribunal found that the manager had wasted the Court's time and she was ordered to make a contribution towards the employers legal costs. The Chairman of the Tribunal said that employers cannot afford to ignore bullying and harassment and the agency was right to investigate matters. The Company was advised, throughout, by Swindon-based HR Management, a newly-formed HR Consultancy, and was represented at the hearing by a Bristol based firm of Solicitors.

HR Management have written a Paper called : WORKING WITH BULLIES. A STEP BY STEP GUIDE FOR EMPLOYERS. This is available FREE of charge and incorporates a recommended guide on how to implement an anti-bullying culture, how to train managers, what to look for and when - together with example policies. The Paper concludes with a Step By Step Guide through a contentious situation. It includes example anti- harassment and anti-bullying policies for easy implementation.

Launch of The National Bullying Helpline

On 25th June 2007 we celebrated the fact that The National Bullying Helpline now holds Charity status. Professor Cary Cooper, Britain's leading stress guru, is our Patron. The event was a tremendous success. In excess of 120 ministers, MP's and senior executives from all corners of Industry attended. . For more details, see www.nationalbullyinghelpline.co.uk


Christine Pratt writes:

I have worked in personnel management since the mid 1990s. My first role in HR was in manufacturing where I worked on a downsizing exercise. Talk about being thrown in at the deep-end and at a time when I was studying for my Diploma in HR management. The experience proved to be invaluable. I found myself working closely with senior management, Lawyers and Trade Unions on some pretty complex and highly sensitive redundancy issues.

From there I went to work for a Japanese automotive Company. The Japanese were true professionals when it came to business acumen but they were a little naive when it came to UK Employment Law particularly our Equality Laws! On the positive side though, I found that working with Japanese quality circles, goal setting and continuous improvement initiatives (Kaizen) sat comfortably within the basic principles of personnel management.

During 2001 my husband and I moved from Hampshire to Wiltshire. I accepted a three-month interim HR management assignment within the Civil Service sector, which ended up running for over 10 months. Here, I supported the Board of Directors through a major change operation incorporating a strategically focused HR Audit, the Job Evaluation of senior posts and harmonization of HR policies across other sectors of the business. I also managed a busy personnel unit and handled all litigation, including a number of Employment Tribunal cases.

In 2002 I worked as an HR Consultant for a Company in central Swindon. It was this insight, coupled with the resourcing issues in Wiltshire generally, that prompted me to start up my own business. Six years later, we are still going strong and I am now pleased to say I am a Chartered Fellow of both the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Chartered Management Institute. We have a strong team here, comprising four Chartered Fellows and a supporting team, totallying 12. We have founded The National Bullying Helpline and our Patron is Professor Cary Cooper, Britain's leading stress guru. We are honoured to have the Professor as our Patron.

Looking back, I have acquired a very mixed HR skill-base within both the public and private sector. I am confident that this will form a solid foundation to my own business. My ultimate objective is to provide affordable, professional and strategically focused HR expertise to employers, nationally. This will be achieved in a number of ways, personally of course through direct support and consultation and also via my website and with the support of the team.

HRmgt.co.uk is backed-up with friendly, easy to follow, tips, advice, guidelines, sample templates and recommended policies which may be obtained by contacting HR and Diversity Management directly.

I believe HRmgt.co.uk is a truly unique, 24hr, personalised and professional HR service.

As my website grows you will find advice appearing in all areas of personnel management. I spent three years researching and writing, called very simply WORKING WITH BULLIES. A STEP BY STEP GUIDE FOR EMPLOYERS. This document concludes with a two-part guide for management on a) The benefits of establishing and maintaining sound policies and b) A step-by-step guide on investigating and dealing with a complaint. Of course, prevention is better than cure in my view! If you would like a copy of Working With Bullies, email chris@HRmgt.co.uk with your Company details.

Thank you for your support in my new venture. I hope you enjoy my site as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Christine Pratt.

May 2007