HR & Diversity Management is passionate about employment law and would be pleased to advise you on the 'up and coming' changes in employment legislation to ensure you are legally compliant at all times.

Professional and strategically focused personnel management support may be provided for any SME in the West. All you need to do is email or telephone : 07734 701221. 

A list of just some of the areas covered are detailed below.

Personnel Processes and Generalist Support

Terms & Conditions and Benefits, organisational methodology and sound HR ‘best practice’ processes (CIPD).  Creating standard forms and procedures.  Training staff on HR basics. Benchmarking and conducting salary surveys.  Advising on change-management and the introduction of new employment laws –v- the needs of the business.  In-house Breakfast seminars, informative newsletters, tips and advice to existing clients and accounts.

Employment Law

Advising on changing employment legislation: The Employment Act 2002, Working Time Directive, Data Protection and HR best practice, Maternity and Paternity and family friendly policies are high on the agenda currently. Discrimination : Sex discrimination Burden of Proff, the Band of Reasonableness, Race, Sex and Age discrimination laws and Equality through Dignity and Work ie: Harasment / Bullying guidelines and much more.

Employment Tribunals (ET)

Preparation for a hearing and advising on options. Taking witness statements, completing all ET forms, chasing progress and liasing with lawyers etc.  Negotiating between Company, employee, ACAS & TU’s, setting up compromise agreements, representing Company at ET and, on the positive side, advising on how to avoid tribunal and save unnecessary wasted management time, bad publicity and legal costs.


Legal support, downsizing options, communications during redundancy, selection (applying a skills matrix process), working with Unions, observing discrimination laws and redundancy regulations.  Concluding with enhanced, mutually reached, agreements for all, thereby avoiding unnecessary litigation.

Employee Relations

Advice regarding Trade Union laws (bargaining etc). Independent advice on alternatives: ie: Employee communication forums. Benefits, disadvantages and boundaries for discussion.

Employee Development

SMARTs (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) goal setting.  Appraisal design and implementation.   Linking goals & objectives into corporate goals. Training & Development (ie: regular monitoring of employee/department/organisational progress). Recommending training providers, risks, benchmarking, looking at training needs analysis and affective feedback methods and impact on productivity / output.

Recruitment and Retention

Stabilising the business.  Succession planning.  Looking at workloads, job evaluation and general assessment of resourcing requirements for present and future business needs.  Psychometric testing, training managers to recruit and advising on equality laws and new data protection implications.

Grievance and Disciplinary

Ensuring Terms and Conditions are legally compliant, embracing ‘open door’ philosophy.  Advising on contentious issues, investigating fairly; thereby avoiding unnecessary litigation (ET claims).  The role of ACAS and other legal partnerships.


TUPE, SWOT’s, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Mission statements.  Reporting on morale issues affecting; stress, absenteeism, labour turnover statistics and therefore, productivity.

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