ACAS is an independent, government funded organisation, which is not connected to the Employment Tribunal Service in any way.† Their job is to promote good employment relations. †They will offer a conciliation service when an individual feels their employment rights have been infringed.† Conciliation does not impose solutions but involves trying to help parties to settle their differences with the need for a tribunal hearing.

A hearing is not an only potential outcome when an application is made to an employment tribunal.† Other options involve :

1.             Settlement through ACAS : ACAS conciliates in many thousands of applicants to employment tribunal every year, which often results in cases being either settled or withdrawn.

2.             Application Withdrawn : An employee can withdraw their application at any time by writing to the tribunal.

3.             Private Agreement : The parties may settle an application without using ACAS.† The Law makes provision for this in certain circumstances.

4.             Employment Tribunal Hearing : The ET hears the case.

5.             Voluntary Arbitration : If both parties are in agreement, as an alternative to the ET hearing a case, unfair dismissal claims may be heard by an independent arbitrator appointed by ACAS.† This arbitrator will listen to what both parties have to say and decide whether it was fair or unfair.† There is generally no appeal against the arbitratorís decision.†

Conciliation Service

This service is voluntary and you only need take part if you want to.† You can stop the conciliation at any time.† This service is free.† There is no charge.

ACAS remain impartial and do not take sides or tell people what they should or should not do.† Neither to ACAS judge who is right or wrong.† ACAS maintain confidentiality.† Anything you say will be kept confidential from the other party, if you wish.† ACAS do not send the tribunal, or anyone, reports about the case.


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